Monday, August 13, 2007

Assignment #137

Jing Project

This is a neat idea. Jing is a little program that sets on your desktop and, when you want it to, captures what’s on your screen. It can capture videos, or individual pictures or even do a screencast. The downside is that you need XP or Vista or Mac OS X and it captures to .swf shockwave flash and you may not have that on your computer. And the files are huge. Over 2Mgs for every second of captured video.

But it works, although it didn’t work with those Annenberg videos at I just got the audio with those.

Keep trying guys. When you can capture everything and give it to me in a reasonable size, I’ll be your first customer—if it’s free.

Update: Gizmo Richards had a link to a better program. It’s called Screen2exe and it does things a little differently (it records to an exe file) but it’s super simple and the files are tiny compared to Jing. Still doesn’t do those Annenberg videos though.


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