Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Assignment #173


Youtube was the first and obviously the most with the $1.6 billion price tag but have you heard about some other tubes? TeacherTube is just what it sounds like-a place to put your class/educational videos. GodTube is for your Christian videos. BuscaTube is for your Spanish videos. TubeDesi is Indian videos. JewTube, a great name, is Jewish videos. FootballTube, The Daily Tube, ToxicTube, 80’sTube, and the list goes on. And I won’t even mention the Tubes your mother doesn’t want you to visit. Seriously, I’m not going to mention them.


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Sam said...

Thanks - this is a good list! I don't really need the ones my mother doesn't want me to see, either - I'm collecting sites for a class on "how to find video online." Maybe the web actually is a series of tubes, eh?