Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Assignment #120


Whether you call them Personalized Homepages or Virtual Desktops, you can really up your productivity as far as keeping track of news and information. Now, even though these work with RSS feeds the way Bloglines does, there is a fundamental difference as their widgets don’t keep track of what you’ve looked at and what you haven’t. They just show you the present feed from the site. They’re great for news sites like CNN or magazine sites like New Scientist. And don’t forget Digg for both news and videos. It’s the best. Here’s a good article comparing the top PH/VD’s.

AND there’s a new one coming and it might be the best yet. It’s called Streamy and you can see a cool video here. It combines the news gathering abilities of the virtual desktop with the ability to share said news with a social network. They’re only in Beta so you have to get an invite but it looks great.


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