Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Assignment #124

Online Image Generators Again

Those of you who appreciated the online image generators of assignments #110 and #52 should have a great time with this site. It's a blog dedicated to collecting image generators and he's got a bunch of them. The latest one changes your picture into a Simpsons character. http://generatorblog.blogspot.com/

Unfortunately with many of the sites, they allow you to save the
resulting picture at their site but not on your computer. Here's how
to get by this.

With the picture you want to save on you monitor, punch the PRINT SCREEN key. This puts your screen on your clipboard. Now open Irfanview (which you should have downloaded from the assignment yesterday) and EDIT-PASTE. Now, left click your mouse and drag so that you select just the picture and EDIT-LEAVE SELECTION or EDIT-CROP SELECTION either way. Resize if you want and FILE-SAVE AS.


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