Friday, February 9, 2007

Assignment #13

MP3(Generic) vs WMA(Microsoft) Compressed Audio Files

From the people that brought us Audacity, here’s a CD ripper that goes directly to MP3’s.

Goto -you have to bring the page down.

Download CDEX. You have to right click SAVE TARGET AS… on the cdex_170b2_enu.exe The first one in line. Install it.

Put a music CD in your drive.

Bring up CDEX and after putting in the Artist, Album, etc, Click on CONVERT-Extact CD tracks to a Compressed Audio file.

Files should be in My Documents-My Music.


Bring up Windows Media Player

Depending on your version you may have to find the Copy (Rip) CD or it may already be up. Use WMP to Also Rip this CD to WMA files. The start button is on the right under MUSIC.

After you’re done you can access and play the files using the LIBRARY tab on WMP. Right click (the song) and Properties to find where the files are located.

Finally, compare the MP3 and WMA files for size, information, fidelity and whatever else.

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