Thursday, February 1, 2007

Assignment #8

Here’s one of my favorite and most useful programs. It’s a sound recorder and editor.


and Download Audacity 1.2.6. Install it.

Also Download a LAME file (lame-3.96.1) from

(Right Click-SAVE TARKET AS…)

Click to unzip and put it into the Audacity folder. This allows you to change what you record to MP3s.

Set Audacity to STEREO MIX


And click on the Click To Play Broadband WMA (or one of the others)

When it starts playing punch the red button on audacity.

After you get a whole song stop Audacity, highlight the part you don’t want to keep and EDIT-DELETE that part.

Finally FILE-EXPORT AS MP3. Tell Audacity where the LAME file is (first time only). Name it and keep it.


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cathyinoz said...

I just wanted to say thanks! I started your assignment challenge last week and especially loved this one. I'd listened to a couple of tutorials about making mp3s. They sounded so complicated. Your assignments really are as easy as 'play.
Much appreciated - I don't want to be a techie, I just want to use the stuff!