Friday, February 23, 2007

Assignment #22

Midi Files

Midi files are wondrous things, especially for musicians. Midi files are small files (20-50k) that tell a sequencer how to play a particular song.

Goto and download the Jazz++ Midi Sequencer. Install it.

Goto and download the old 60’s hit Rhythm of the Rain. Left click to hear it and right click SAVE TARGET AS… to download it. Don’t blink-it’ll only take a second.

Open the midi in the sequencer, play it with the arrow at the top and then 1. change tempos (r or l click on speed) 2. mute or solo instruments (click on P) 3. change instruments (click below PRG) Here’s a list

I use midis to give my aspiring rock star 11 year old a back-up band and to hear how, for instance, a bass line is played. Find midis by searching (name of song) midi on Google. Here’s some more midi programs

Finally, if you can’t find a midi for some song but you have the chords, here’s a $10 program that allows you to quickly turn those chords into an accompaniment. I use it. It works great. It’s called Band Minus One and it’s here:


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