Monday, June 25, 2007

Assignment #104

Photo Sharing Sites

Kim Komando had an interesting email the other day on these sites:

Flickr: You can upload up to 100 megabytes of photos each month. This refers to bandwidth, not storage; deleting photos won’t increase the amount you can upload.File size is limited to five megabytes. Only small images are accessible. However, the originals are saved in case you upgrade to Flickr Pro. Also, you’ll only see your 200 most recent photos; if you upgrade your account, you’ll see the rest. Your free account will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity. Flickr has a strong sense of community. Its users like to comment on others’ work. The photos also have more of an artistic bent.

Shutterfly gives you unlimited storage and no file size limit. It says that it has never deleted a photo. You can create slide shows and add captions to your photos. Of course, Shutterfly promotes products such as prints and calendars.

Snapfish also gives you unlimited storage. High-resolution images are kept for three months so you can make large prints. Then the photos are converted to a lower resolution, suitable for small prints. Snapfish sells prints and other photo-related products. If you don’t make at least one purchase a year, your account is deleted.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery gives you unlimited storage. It does not specify a limit on file size. Like Snapfish, it deletes your account if you don’t make a purchase once every 12 months.

Photobucket is different from the other photo-sharing sites. It is designed to host images for blogs and auction sites. Photobucket gives you one gigabyte of storage. You also get 25 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. If your photos are viewed a lot, they may not be available for others to view. Your photos are limited to one megabyte in size.

Photobucket has a nice Learning 2.1 lesson here


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