Sunday, March 11, 2007

Assignment #32


Torrents are thingees that help you download big files. They organize things so you can download (leech) from a number of people (seeds or other leechers)

First you need a torrent client:

Goto and download

µTorrent 1.6.1 Standalone (170 kB)-

(I think it’s pronounced moo-torrent but people just call it U-torrrent.)

After it downloads, fire it up.

Type GONE WITH THE WIND into the Search on µTorrent, hit enter.

It will use your browser to find GONE WITH THE WIND torrents.

Pick one and download it. It only takes a second. Use µTorrent to open the torrent. Start downloading just to see how it works. You’ll have to specifically delete it or it will keep downloading until it finishes.

Here’s a tutorial:

Now this last week I managed to download a 4GB file that included a bunch of media files. I think it took a week because of the routers and/or firewalls we have here. However, it all came in (in normal format, not zip files) and they all seemed to work fine. It wasn’t fast but it worked quietly in the background and… it worked.


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