Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Assignment #38

My Space Music

The easiest thing is to search My Space Music for a group. If you find the
group and they have the song you want click the “add”. The song will be on
your site.
I’ve already mentioned Project Playlist to get music onto your My Space
page. It’s pretty straight forward.

However, their search isn’t near as good as what you can find at Dogpile-audio so
if you can’t find a song go on over to Dogpile and search there. You need
to come up with an MP3 file. After you already have a playlist. Go to “my account”.
Click on “delete / rearrange music on a playlist”
Click on your playlist.
Click on “Add URL/Link Direct to Playlist”
Paste the URL from Dogpile. It’ll be on you playlist.
Follow the instructions to put your playlist on your My Space site.

Lastly, to put your own songs on you’re My Space site, watch this tutorial:


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