Friday, March 16, 2007

Assignment #36

My Space is one of the most popular sites on the web and with good reason. It’s an awesome site with over 163 million members. A couple weeks ago I used it to find local Guam music for a patron. It had the biggest collection. Next week I’m going to try to navigate through some of the harder to find options in My Space. So far I’ve registered, uploaded a picture and a video which were all pretty easy. I’ve also put a few favorite songs on by way of another site-Project Playlist:

So here’s my My Space site

And my Project Playlist site which is kind of a My Space wannabe but still in beta

I’m going to rope my 11 year old and maybe even my daughter in Minnesota to help me with this and any of you who are part of those 163 million to send me your favorite My Space app. So if your not one of the millions yet- Register and


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