Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Assignment #81

So here I am vanity surfing the other night and I come upon Helene Blower’s PowerPoint presentation called “Using Discovery & Play to Monitor New Technology” and the blog that archives this email is featured.—Cool. But what was cool, too was the site—SlideShare.


A place to go to share your presentation files.

Here’s one on the Beatles


and here’s Helene’s presentation that features us on slides 9 & 10.


Some of the files you can download, others you can’t. It depends on the author.


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librarian said...

The Internet can change your life
OK, I am hijacking this from Yarra Plenty's blog: that what Stephen Abram said in his blog Stephen's Lighthouse
Ok. I’ll also will say : I will hijack this from you
I will convey the idea to my colleagues who work in libraries in the Arab world