Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Assignment #85

Putting Your Bookmarks on the Web

OK I’ll admit that I’ve never gotten into Delicious http://del.icio.us/

I did register a couple of months ago but I couldn’t really get into the shared bookmark thing. However, I did use it over the weekend as I am tired of getting on a strange computer and having to type in all my destinations.

So… goto your browser and click on

File-Import and Export-Export Favorites if you’re using IE or

Bookmarks-Organize Bookmarks-File-Export if you’re using Firefox.

Put your Bookmarks-Favorites on your desktop.

Then go to Delicious and register if you haven’t done so. On you main page click on Settings and look for Bookmarks-Import/Upload. Upload that Bookmarks File you just saved on your desktop. It’ll take a few minutes to show up but you’ll then have all your bookmarks in one place ready and waiting.


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