Friday, May 25, 2007

Assignment #84

So a patron came in the other day and wanted to know if there was anything that he could get for free that was a good word processor. I told him about OpenOffice. which is a free…clone(??) of Microsoft’s Office Suite. Our Base Historian swears by it.

I also showed him Google’s web based word processor and spreadsheet that more and more people are starting to use. Just goto Google-More-Documents.

And finally don’t forget you have a word processor with your Windows operating system already. It’s called Wordpad and you get to it through Start-Programs-Accessories. No, it doesn’t have Spell Check but you can’t have everything.


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Kaj Kandler said...

May I mention, that our Plan-B for is becoming increasingly popular with librarians. And for the time being it is in free beta test as well.

Forgive me the plug, somehow I need to get the word out.

Busy, creating screencasts for non technical users of OpenOffice